Someone paid me almost 200 usd to solve a visual basic assignment made of 13 small questions like palindrome checking, finding max,...

i feel i stole the girls money but i also feel i wish i can do this full time

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    And you are now the reason she gets her degree, enters the workforce and is called a dumb ass but every guy she has to work with, and throws up "equal rights" and "I'm a women" around to get her way through life.

    Thank you for adding to the political shit show.
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    @C0D4 if you are in a position where you have to be afraid of such developers, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed either
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    @tekashi i encourage women to be apart of our industry, what part of this was "afraid". I'm just not enticed to help those who won't help themselves.
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    And that’s one of the ways how you create Project Managers with technical background.
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    1. You shouldn't have done it, because these are things people have to figure out themselves.

    2. You didn't steal the girls money, because she agreed to pay.

    Point 1 is more important.
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    @C0D4 this looks more like high school assignment nothing to worry about
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    @willhertz it starts somewhere.
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    I did the same when I was in college I fed my family (grandma, aunt, cousins...) with the money collected sometimes I thought the same "I'm scamming people with such prices and the easy of the problems" but after a cup of coffee and a new pc gadget I paid with that money the shame vanished and I raised prices, they could make money if they would studying but they're too lazy to be proactive.

    Do that shit full time, it makes more money than a job nowadays.
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    I'm reminded of someone I knew who did that for a budding airline pilot.

    Remember that the next time you fly !
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    I get a lot of satisfaction from saying "NO!" these days. :-)

    But sadly there is always someone else around the corner to help such people out.

    I remember chatting to someone in a department of 30+ folk about a job being advertised there.

    They was telling me that every single one of them in that department had got in because they had lied and cheated their way in, and they desperately needed to hire someone to do all the work since none of them knew a thing !

    Except how to delay things and blame someone else..

    This was next door to the other department who in 2 years of development had improved the in house search engine.

    It used to only search for single letters.

    Now it searches for the first 2 letters !

    You wonder how people like this keep their jobs..

    Then you meet their managers..

    Then you wonder how the managers keep their jobs !
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    Then you meet their boss..

    Then you wonder how they stay in business !

    Then you remember, its a government position..

    Then you meet the voters who voted in the government..

    (Well, to be fair, they don't vote in the government civil servants..)
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