People are up doing tequila sunrise and getting smashed in the early mornings. And I'm over here happy to be working on some code.

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    why not do both ?
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    @DarkMukke coding drunk!? Ha i wish that worked for me. I'm a sleepy drunk
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    well obviously you to learn how to code while sleeping then, and you don't need to be/get drunk to enjoy some sunrise
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    Waking up to your own drunken comments that don't actually explain how the code does what it does but instead just list the combination of alcohol that got you to the solution...

    /*Good... Whatever time of the day it is for you, future self, frankly I don't care what the time of day is and neither do you, so let's dispense with the pleasantries shall we? Whiskey, rum, Tia Maria (as a mix), a questionable burrito and some vodka later.

    Just don't even try to understand this... You're not as smart as you think you are, sober!*/

    /* Dear past self. I hate you. More so for the fact that you'll never know how much, crafty sod...*/
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