PM: "Why are you absent on a regular holiday?"


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    "Because it's a regular holiday - do you actually know what you think before you hear what you say?"
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    "I'm sorry, what was that?
    I didn't quite catch the holiday part."
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    "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of me not giving a fuck"
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    "Because that's exactly the definition of 'regular holiday'"
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    Sure! 250% overtime comp per hour worked? where do you sign to approve? I worked 20 hours that day.
    What? no overtime comp? hmmmm. then 500% comp? what?! no!?

    You should talk to my lawyer then....
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    PM.exe has stopped working
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    Two favorite words, only nine letters between em:



    And thats it.

    And if they respond with "because why?"

    Then I might have to break out the heavy duty

    "Anyway." before I hang up.

    Sometimes "Never." is also a good way to end those conversations, right before you hang up.

    It leaves some people unnerved, and they'll spend the rest of the weekend wondering "never what? Is he coming in?! Is he angry? Did I do something wrong? w H a T d O e S i T a L l mean?!"

    And then I come in after the weekend and act totally normal and if anyone asks me if I was quitting or angry I act oblivious.

    People can invent whole worlds of anxieties in the ambiguous headspace between the various interpretations of a single word response.

    And meanwhile I'll be at home, laying in bed, enjoying the weekend.
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    And I'm sitting here at home during normal day,
    after texting my mentor (we have pretty flat hierarchy, so he's not my manager but he's my senior and we work together closely) whether I can work remotely today
    because I'm not feeling well...
    And he told me sure,
    and to take a day off if it's bad...

    Like, my work's philosophy is you treat people right, because
    1) they are fucking people, not slaves,
    2) happy employees mean good quality work,
    3) when you invest in people, you want them to stay...
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    1. by definition they're not slaves, employees get paid, slaves don't

    2. happy employees mean good quality work. *sometimes*. What if what makes them happy is being lazy as shit?

    3) when you invest in people, you want them to stay...

    Industry behavior begs to differ. The message I've always took away from the work environment is "people are disposable. everyone. always. at any time. for any reason or none at all."
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    @Wisecrack In the US, 40% of working population is one paycheck away from poverty.
    Read about wage/economic slavery.
    When you work your ass off in bad conditions and get less than value of your work, it's slavery. Period.

    I know many companies that look at people like disposables. I don't deny that. But good company treats people right.

    As for (2), you obviously don't hire just anyone, duh. Disposable employee culture makes you hire anyone, pay them shit, and then replace them. But when you go for quality, you seek specialists in the field and people with potential. First short-term contract to see if you judged them right.

    Disposable employee culture made people contact me over half a year after sending in a resume, because they needed student labour for summer, lol. They had junior dev listing up when I sent my resume, but they didn't even message me "thank you, maybe later", and now they were calling me and expecting I'd happily join their shitty workplace, lol.
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    @nothappy what now you ever got that to work?
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    I'm well aware of the concept of structural poverty.

    I should have attached this to the end --> /s
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