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    Once my editor crashed and left me with blank css file, 3500 lines gone. I was 3 hours before deadline. So i rewrite the whole thing by memory in 3 hours and 10 minutes. looooool
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    After that installed an extension in vscode to save automatically after every edit. Saved my ass many times. 😂
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    Literally never have never encountered this problem.

    If the app crashes or something; sure. But I feel like any editor worth it's salt caches your work or, at the very least, warns you that you have unsaved work when you try to close it.

    Shit, even Notepad does this.
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    @Angry Indeed, this hasn't really been an issue for years. Also, anyone writing anything should have *save save save* embedded into their second nature.
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    What kind of maniac:
    1. Doesn't use an IDE with an auto save/recovery feature.
    2. Writes 500 lines of code in one file.
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    i see op still using notepad huh...ever read/heard the term IDE somewhere?
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    Even though VS Code has autosave, I still press Ctrl+S pretty much after each line I typed. It's become such a habit now.
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    I have a habit of pressing Ctrl + s on each word.
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    I typically wind up saving a file with no changes more often than I forget to save changes.

    And I use vim mostly.
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    Not like that but I once git blew myself.
    One day I made some changes on a file which took around 2-3 hours, saved the file and closed it. Then I continued with "git commit --amend" instead of "git commit -a --amend" like I usually do. Anyway my next command was "git reset --hard" can't even remember why anymore.
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    To bright for that
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    I can’t imagine to write 500 lines without compiling. After few lines I need to see if my code does what it should do. 😕
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    @JustThat vim-five! Although, I use nvim now.. still.

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    @Angry ZZ = vim mic-drop
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