Man, we have a snake in our company.

This snake is responsible for terrible code. They oversee a offshore team, but hold them to no coding practices. They don't do code reviews or checks. They let them be lazy and get away with sloppy work every time.

And if you critize their team - they will defend them and get angry at you. You can't adress the problem because said snake is always around. He's in a senior position for giving our company cheap workers, doing years of damage to our product while the non-code savvy managers remain blissfully unaware of their product being ruined in the background.

This snake is the senior product office. He has a share in the company now. He is from the overshore team's country. That team now has their claws so dug into our companies roots and are just pumping lsd's into it constantly. Feels good untill you die from an overdose.

Here I am, the new junior software developer, trying to tear out the claws that have sunk into these roots. Im up against the snake. The snake hates me. I hate the snake. I am trying to open the eyes of the managers. They hate that. They want to silence me so I don't expose the awful, unprofessional level of work they do.

Well, that's too bad. I won't back down from this, snake.

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    May the Mongoose Gods help you take down the snake
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    Don't waste your time on lost causes - find a place where your work is appreciated.
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    @Scade what he said.
    leave, and let them rot.
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    You *should* back down from this one. You're a junior dev. Doesn't matter how right you are, you won't be taken seriously and you'll potentially be let go without any chance of a good reference later, which is a potential career killer this early on.

    Do the selfish thing. Bite your tounge. Work out a year or so there until you've got some experience under your belt, then move on and let your current company be the source of their own failure.
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    Gahh it just angers me so much I hate it
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    remember that no one cares how well the product is coded, they care how much the profit is making.

    Good code is only rewarded when it is profitable.
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    Expose the flaws, present the facts, prove the complexity they bring and the associated tech debt and any other problems resulting. Like others said, since you aren't senior yet, tread cautiously. But don't back down. Be as professional as you could ever be. You should be remembered for what you did, even if you're meant to lose in the end
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    Yeah, back down.

    This is not your business and not your responsibility. If your company has a role called „chief architect” or similar, he is the one who should evaluate the processes. Hiring cheap offshore devs is a valid business decission. They just don’t tell the onshore devs all the reasoning.

    You are a junior software dev. Your skills are in writing software. You have spent years in training for that role. Don’t think for a second that it also means you are good in power games. Actually, it means the opposite. You invested your time in learning computers, so naturally, you lack a lot of skills in dealing with people.

    You don’t have a slight chance in fighting an experienced manager. The fact that the snake hates you means that you have already shown your cards. Noob.

    Besides, what’s in it for you?

    You are a junior, so your priorities should be:
    - collect just enough salary
    - gain experience for your resume
    - earn positive reputation
    - jump ship
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    @matste 2012 called, it wants the word noob back lmao

    Seriously though, I get what your saying, even if I disagree with your words. I do plan to do that for the most part, but I do wish i could do more about it :/

    It's really frusterating to care about the product when most of the people working on it don't - and I find it very hard to feel motivated and interested in something I don't care about

    The off shore devs have polluted the code base a lot.. I don't think in this case it was a valid choice..
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    It's really nice to see how much you're willing to protect your product from such a vicious snake, I think that is very brave honestly. good luck in your mission :)
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    I just feel the need to point out that it's impossible to overdose to death on LSD (or most of psychotropics in general).

    And good luck, stay strong.
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    Cheap labor dont mean quality production. Any complaints lodged will be shot donw to defend the original proposition of "saving money".
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    Don't really get all the "back down" comments. The best thing to do for your career is being professional. You want to build a good product and do things right, that's the way you get better at doing things right. If you back down and just follow along, it's gonna be a waste of time anyway because you'll get a lot of practice in bad coding and some stuff might even rub off on you because you don't know better.
    So I say "fight it", but be pragmatic about it. Try to understand their position too. They might have put a lot of effort in their hideous implementations, so don't be a bully by calling them out on their bad code directly.

    Position yourself to be a teacher. You know stuff they don't know, so teach them.
    It takes time to earn their trust and slowly breach the walls they built around themselves, but if you show that you have good intentions and you don't antagonize them, they will eventually love you for it.
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    @Owenvii yeah it sucks to bite your tongue and not say anything. The good news is that eventually sometimes, you get enough time in and people start listening to you
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