Genimotion emulator provides more speedy performance than built in emulator in AS.


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    Is it running x86 version of Android? That runs without emulation on your PC unlike ARM version.
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    AS is optimized for development, Genymotion and BlueStacks are optimized for gaming? And yeah BS uses Android x86.

    Edit: also since when did Genymotion get on that cloud wank... So now a few days ago a friend of mine showed me an online IDE (vim be damned) and now even the VM is in the cloud, SaaS wank here wank there. What the fuck is wrong with people?!
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    The Android Studio emulator is simply a qemu instance. If you use x86 images it should be quite performant.
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    @joas its @JustKidding using it dude. I think with every new update of AS it gets you rough performance with Emulator. And then they address issue and make it stable. With genimotion literally its holds you for long engagement
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