Only Android Developers will feels this shit 😐

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    Then you had started from better condition dude.... I was using 2GB ram then 4GB and now it's 8GB ... 😄
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    @dev1410 this is not how devrant works
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    @dev1410 I have no idea what you are trying to say, please write in English
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    Serious comments are more funny than the meme
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    8Gb is the bare minimum if you want to run chrome as well.

    16Gb is the sweet spot.
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    They need to release Android Studio Lite: an Atom-based IDE for basic Android development + a form editor + plugins!!!
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    Never had problem with Android Studio with chrome also running.

    16gb RAM apparently handles them both well
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    @gvnix 32 is a sweetspot
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    Try running android studio on ubuntu.
    You will get GodSpeed!!
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    If your pc has less ram than gaming smartphone, get better pc and stop blaming the IDE you use. Ages ago developers (and graphic designers) used to have top hardware. Now it seems they think they are fine by substituting arm with x86 and keeping the rest of the spec the same :/
    Thank God you are not developing for microcontrollers.
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    This is hilarious!
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    8GB along with SSD and an i5 Gen-11is an underrated combo
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