I found myself answering programming questions on Quora this morning because of an A2A notification but then kept going and browsing other questions...

And well I kinda liked it... Usually I'm the one asking questions and haven't asked any new questions on Quora in over year...

So now wondering if this is the result of having no one that really listens to me work.... Being senior but having no direct juniors or people I can have a proper conversation.

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    how good of you! 👍
    time to recruit some interns? 🙂
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    @heyheni I don't control the budget or hiring

    And basically a remote worker but I'm the one that usually fixes for good shit everyone else had a role in creating and can't seem to be capable of cleaning it up themselves (aka growing up from a script kiddie)
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    May the code, the comments, and the api docs aid you in your projects as you aid those who have yet to see the light.
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    code = messy, archaic, buggy crypo jumble
    Comments = rare and meaningless
    Documentation = only I write them
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