I decided to run the ROCKYOU password list to see if there are any patterns in md5 hashing, not sure why but I am starting to confuse myself and I need a new pair of eyes to have a look.

in advance, sorry for the shitty image, that lappy is a temporary solution.

So the very accurate and not bias numbers show that the letter "0" appears more than the rest, would there be any use in let's say ordering the wordlist with words that have the most "0" and "7" in their hash to appear at the top?

I believe I might be trying to stretch the numbers and see a pattern where there is none but its worth a shot I think.

- These numbers come from only about ~14m words

My thinking trail is that if statisticaly these hashes are more likely to appear, they are more likely to be the one I am looking for?

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    You could make an graph with each letter and each position. If the value differs from the average (6.25% or 1/16) you found something.
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    Makes me think about a program to invent new words in an particular language. (So new French word should sound French, etc).

    First, there is a matrix build on how often a letter is followed by other letters. (Ex : in dictionary only one word in French has letter “k” after letter “d” : Vodka, but there a lot of word with a “e” followed by “u”).

    Then you do a random for the first letter and fil the gaps based on this matrix. (Some other rules can be added too).

    There is a youtube video somewhere.
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    @NoToJavaScript isn't that Lorem Ipsus?
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