Let's comment out this block of code so later we know we have this feature and bring it back if we need it.

Later: commented code everywhere, literally everywhere!!! Shit

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    I frequently as commented code as an example or a template for how to proceed with an upcoming feature. I also frequently see that commented code deleted by other folks because they are self righteous dicks who are more concerned with how code looks than if it works. They are usually the same ones that think it's not a code review unless they can force you to make at least 5 changes.
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    I require people to delete commented out code, unless they have a good and temporary reason to comment it out. Keeping these things "just in case" is literal hoarding in programming, that shit is never getting uncommented again, it just confuses people when they come back to it. Not to mention that code is frozen it time, while the rest keeps changing, you'll need to rewrite it anyway, just keep it fresh
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    I keep finding myself about to do exactly that... only to realise we're using version control... whatever the code was, it will be available one day... as long as someone remembers it did exist. :P
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    Feature flags are overrated
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    @Hazarth You have made my point.
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    @monkeyboy I don't think I did, you did say "more concerned with how it looks than if it works"
    I think in my case functionality is in first place, and I wouldn't delete others comments, I just don't let them through code review unless they can justify it.
    To clarify, This goes only for commented out blocks of code, as OP complained about. Usage comments are a-ok, but they usually belong in a certain place, like above the method/function or class/interface.
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