You really have to decide between a full feature set of a software and deadlines. You cannot have both or in other words if you wand all features of your dreams you need infinite amount of money and time.

The funny part about this is that every student learns this in the first semester if you study anything about project management or management at all... And of course in reality pms and cXos don't even give a **** about this...

Sometimes been a software developer just made me sad 😔.

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    To fix that, you just have to become a project manager.
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    How to become a manager.

    The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You, Book by Julie Zhuo
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    Well, pms and cXos keep telling each other the fairy tale of the "project management triangle". Where you can freely choose two of: Time, cost, quality.

    Haha, right... as if skipping on quality wouldn't mean everything else goes to shit, too.
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