For some reason I find reading tech books a repelling activity. I'd rather spend longer hours googling SO issues, GH/GL tickets, reading blogs than reading a well recommended book on the topic.

But then again.. What is the difference between a series of blog posts and a book...? Not much of it. At least I cannot come up with how blog posts would be superior to a structured and many times reviewed book :) Many posts are lame or just skim through the topic. The same holds true with books too. So maybe it's worth getting that 200pages thin book instead..

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    After reading many articles on functional programming related to C++. I have found the articles to be severely lacking and tend to highlight platitudes rather than substance. Where I am currently working through a book on the subject that explains the why much more thoroughly.
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    Personally I prefer books almost every time. If you take the time to handpick the reading (admittedly time consuming) then you’ll be able to resolve the issue of wasting time reading a wide variety of articles that don’t teach you more than the one use case they focus on.
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