If something is free, doesn't make it the best, it is like saying virtual box is better than VMware because it is free, all I can say is that virtual box is a bitch and VMware is a sexy house wife .....bitches fuck with everyone every with discount....
Good morning peeps

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    VMware software has always been magic to me.
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    The argument is usually for free as in libre, and the advantage of FLOSS is honesty and liberty. In this regard, both vmware and vbox fail miserably.
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    @Lor-inc okay, so what is better ...state the better .
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    VMware at least has gpu support...

    Also it can be free too if you know where to search :)
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    @Gregozor2121 I know you're talking of cracked softwares, which were not initially free
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    1. Free software
    2. Non free software
    3 .. 999. Software with wierd licences
    1000. Software touched by whoracle.
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