I recently broke up with my boyfriend of more than two years (we have known each other for more than four). My code (and my work in general) seems to have gotten better. Maybe because he's not always at the back of my mind. No matter what anyone says, long distance WILL take a toll on you if you don't meet the other person for more than a year. Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm loving the single life now and feel so much more confident about myself!

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    Been there done that. Very few can manage long distance. Id agree big nono!
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    I actually coded better when I had a girlfriend. Wasn't distracted as quickly with meeting new people...
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    Oh god, the concept of long distance relationship seems so bad to me.

    Physical contact and intimacy, proximity, doing things together, going somewhere together, having each other in your social cirlces and meeting and hanging around your friends.
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    I had 6 months of distance from my just-married wife last year (due to unfortunate circumstances, otherwise we would've seen each other at least once in between). LDR is really difficult and for us, after 5 months it got quite rough - it took me some time (together with her) to get over that. Now the current break is just 1 month, but it's still not so very fun. And the time difference makes it even worse...
    But if you have a plan that doesn't appeal involve spending all of your money on flights, it's manageable, if you think it's worth it.

    I couldn't imagine not seeing each other for more than a year though!
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    @Quirinus I thought it might work for us. But I guess life happens
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    @saucyatom IK! God I feel your pain. The saddest part was that I thought I might just end up marrying this person and that we can and should make this work. But timezones and geography aside, you inevitably grow apart I guess especially when you're in a transition stage in your life. I mean we still care about each other. But it's just not the same. But I am happy that you guys see each other monthly. I would have loved even 6 months 🙃
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    @chagai95 😂😂😂 how do new people distract you? How do you talk to new people. I just can't. I freak out big time!
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    @Santaclauze especially when you're in your twenties and figuring things out. Those things work only in movies. No matter how hopelessly romantic you are, life just hits you. In the face. Hard. With a wet sack.
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    @aashimaY some make it happen. But ypu need to be stable emotionallyon both sides and k ow what you want. Both are not common qualities in 20year olds ;) still at 30 both qualities are still uncommon ;)
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    @aashimaY good question, it does get really awkward a lot of times... But it's better than the loneliness! At least in the short run and I'm to scared to try fighting the loneliness so I fight the shyness! If you're having a really hard time you could try ome.tv it's like chat roulette just better and then you can just skip when it gets to awkward. It's a good practice for the real world!
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    @chagai95 haha thanks for the suggestion, but I guess I like being single. But to each his own 😊
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    To each his own sounds really German, are you German? 🙈
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    @chagai95 Haha no. Indian 🙃
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    Oops 😂
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