excellent job google!
very related to my search query, and very related to my personal interests (which you are very good at keeping track of).

i wish nothing but the worst ruin to the perverse execs running this perverse company!

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    Yes, actually a very good job from Google. Those news are probably a lot more useful for the general person using Google than what you were out for. And based on your query it's a pretty good result
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    How the hell is that news? 🙄
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    @ScriptCoded you know now that the heat of the moment has passed, maybe it wasn't really a bad search result...

    I'm just tired of google and co. shoving trash down my throat in general...
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    You can turn off suggestions, history, etc in google account settings. Then you just get bland search results, or more generic. Yes, they can still fingerprint, but the results are less annoying. Also, I have been using StartPage. Not always as good as Google.com, but it finds most things I need with no advertisement. Not sure what your options on a phone are though.
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    We all know that the biggest evil in all that is the woman with the "huge bun".

    @Demolishun I'm pretty happy with Startpage too. I'm not sure about your last sentence since I have no trouble using it on my phone too.
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    @Jilano I am just not sure what options are available to switch the default search engine. I am guessing if you say "hey Google" it will search Google.
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    @Demolishun Oh, fair point. No idea on that subject because I don't use it.
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    @Jilano I'm actually intrigued to know more about that bun situation.. (kill me)
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