Holy shit! I have not programmed a Teensy micro in a while. So I was looking at what they offer and saw they now have a 600Mhz version that is the same size/pinout as their 72MHz version. I am just amazed by how much micros have changed. I love the embedded wifi chips that are out there too. I guess I am going to be playing with the Teensy the next few weeks. I love playing around with embedded audio processing. Lately I have been playing with bluetooth wireless audio. So this will fit nicely. The chip has 2 AD and assorted digital audio inputs/outputs.

I dunno, I was excited and this seems like a nice new years present.

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    You gonna make a synthesizer? Like those tiny keyboards that music producers use?
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    @Wisecrack To start I am going to receive audio over bluetooth and do some creative filtering on it in the processor. Not sure what else. I did find a sound synth library, but am not sure it will run on a micro. Would be fun to find out!
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    Let me know how it goes man. Hardware hacking is super fascinating stuff.
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