Am I too dumb if I do not understand good-first-issues on open source projects? I mean, I completed C++ Primer book. Tried to find a real world challenges to use my knowledge.

I look at those issues but I really can understand em, when they belong to a project with tens of modules etc. Maybe good-first-issue is for people who spends 20 hours just to understand project, before writing a single line of code.

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    I agree with @b2plane .

    It takes a while to familiarize yourself with the project structure, code style, patterns used. When I was tuning a foss trading platform it took me a few days to start thinking like the project author[s] did to make sense of any of it. And only then did I manage to boost its performance by over 30%.
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    I hate good first issues. They've the opposite effect if you'd ask me.

    * Bad issue gets good first issue while your first issue, which could be a critical bug, didn't even get a single reply

    * Don't get a good first issue even tho you wrote an entire Wikipedia article about it with potential solutions and a temporary PR to fix it (Optional: You get no reply and your PR doesn't get merged).

    * Giving everyone, even one line issues, the label good first issue.

    Tell me these things aren't demotivating.
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    @PublicByte you know that people can't read more than 3 sentences before scrolling away, don't you?
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    @vicary you're not my target audience. Long story short, generalization, statement false.
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