Wasted 5 hours to implement video recording with cv2 in python. Followed the tutorials and searched SO for help. The video file I need to produce just doesn't get produced. It's a camera stream from ROS. Yet no errors that might help. Or even any errors. Thanks.

It's for my bachelor thesis. Fuck.

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    oh, for future readers: regarding that, I made a new git branch from an earlier code version. Apparently my code was fucked up...
    Anyway someone told me about an already existing recording program for this, so problem solved👍
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    How'd it turn out?
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    @Wisecrack oh almost forgotten... so yeah my code was not working. Checked an earlier code version on a new branch and it was all fine.
    In the end someone who was working with my car too told me about an already existing recording software for the camera I needed. Hence problem solved🤷
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    @Wisecrack so now I have a reference video of me as a terrible driver😅.
    On the other hand I finally don't have to use the car for testing, thus no need to travel to uni every time 👍
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