Unpopular opinion:

No one should ever argue over ANY coding style unless they're just starting out and thus have to come up with their organization's coding standards for the first time.

Once the standards are set, everyone should just comply with it irrespective of their personal preference. Or alternatively, include back-and-forth code formatting into the development workflow.

The only thing that's important is that by the time code is pushed into the codebase, it is formatted according to the defined standards so that the whole thing looks consistently written, which is basically the point of setting a coding standard.

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    Coding standards other use is to avoid formatting changes in source control...
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    I disagree with this but you're almost on the right track. First thing you should do is when in Rome, well unless it's already a total fucking shit show. Anyone who starts screwing with stuff without having a lay of the land should be promptly dragged outside, pinned against the wall and shot until death occurs, and then some just to be sure.

    If you are going to change things because you can or you're going to propose it, you shouldn't take it lightly. You need to be aware of how that impacts everything and everyone else then factor that in.

    You also need to know what you're doing (including that it'll ROI) and that's the hardest part as there aren't great tests to truly tell if someone is on the up and up just like that.
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