Kotlin is the most incredible language I have ever worked with ....no semi colon wtf

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    ... just because of that? You are easily pleased my friend
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    kotlin is the worst programming language of all time. it shouldn't even be called a language, it should be called an encoding !
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    All my niggas spit on kotlin
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    Thinking of the word Kotlin gives me the texture feeling of cotton in my mouth. I know nothing about the language, but the word causes feels.
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    Better than Java, but java compatible and runs on jre. That's a win, but that alone does not make it that great.
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    There’s quite a few languages that require no semi colon
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    Bourne shell
    The list goes on
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    See how they are ranting, the shit is not on me, it is on jetbrains .....I'm just sharing my interest goddamn it
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    @bvs23bkv33 also python ruby and technically JavaScript
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