## Learning k8s

Okay, seriously, wtf.. Docker container boots up just fine, but k8s startup from the same image -- fails. After deeper investigation (wasted a few hours and a LOT of patience on this) I've found that k8s is right.. I should not be working.

Apparently when you run an app in ide (IDEA) it creates the ./out/ directory where it stores all the compiled classes and resources. The thing is that if you change your resources in ./src/main/resources -- these changes do NOT reflect in ./out/. You can restart, clean your project -- doesn't matter. Only after you nuke the ./out and restart your app from IDE it will pick up your new resources.


and THAT's why I was always under an impression that my app's module works well. But it doesn't, not by a tiny rat's ass!

Now the head-scratcher is WHY on Earth does Docker shows me what I want to see rather than acting responsibly and shoving that freaking error to my stdout...

Truth be told I was hoping it's k8s that's misbehaving. Oh well..

Time to get rid od legacy modes' support and jump on proper implementation! So much time wasted.. for nothing :(

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    I want to subscribe specifically to this series. Great stories, looking forward to the next entry.
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    Serverless ftw
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    Wouldn't that be an IDEA issue rather than a docker one?
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    - does not boot on k8s [it shouldn't]
    - boots on idea [it shouldn't, bow I know why it does]
    - boots on standalone docker [it shouldn't, no idea why it does]
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    @netikras ermmm, "boot on docker" on the same machine than idea? 🤔
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    @netikras What the F?
    why won't you do a 2 stage docker image build? sounds like it will solve most of these problems.
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    @magicMirror how will a multistage build help me here?
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    stage 1:
    Start with a clean jdk image.
    copy over code, and resources + lib jars.
    build => compiled jar + manifest.mf in it.
    stage 2:
    start from a JRE, install your spring server, and spring libs.
    copy over libs from stage 1.
    copy over compiled jar from stage 1.
    set the entrypoint.

    use stage 2 in docker or k8s, and remove stage 1 image.
    this will allow you to overcome the stale resources issue, as the build will always be clean.
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    @magicMirror makes sense. Thanks
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