OS as weeddealers:
Windows has standard weed. Nothing special, but reliable.
Linux got a great selection, but you always gotta haggle with him for hours until something works out.
Mac sells oregano.

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    Get Homebrew then
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    Windows sells low quality weed, leftovers of skunk and alikes. But they also sell space cakes, which gives you ultimate fun (gaming). It’s also very risky to buy from, as they’re on the police radar.

    Linux sells huge choice of seeds and fresh leaves - you have to dry it up/prepare yourself. Also very safe to buy from.

    OS X sells only high quality weed, but very overpriced. They also assure best customer service, and provides you with all the tools to consume bought weed. Usually safe to buy from, but they will keep their eyes on you, so you won’t do anything stupid.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs OP adopt this, i agree with it.

    In terms of linux, i'd say: Good weed, but needs to grow about 6 Months before consumption (learning linux, especially for non pc guys is a nightmare)
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs I wont agree with the low quality weed stuff, just think about Office and Visual Studio, which are my favorite Productivity Tools. But the Mac and Linux description are on point I give you that.
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    @EdoPhoenix MS Office?! Not low quality?! WTF.

    Besides that, it's not exclusive to Windows, thus not counting. But in general it's true, Windows major advantage is its ecosystem.
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    @sboesch I don't know what you mean, ok word sometimes does parkour if you try to move an image but in recent years that improved heavily. Excel is the backbone of the finance industry. Powerpoint is so popular it's name is ambiguous for presentation. OneNote may not be popular but it does it's job well. And Outlook is one of the most featurerich email clients out there.
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    @s0LA Lol my parents (a-technical) got the hang of Linux in an hour or so 😄
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs OSX also has random stupid features as part of the apparatus for consuming weed, almost as if they don't quite understand how to make weed-consumption tools competently. They also discourage third-party modification/repair of their equipment and spoke their weed so that it won't burn properly in third-party equipment.
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    @linuxxx i don't mean the understanding of your GUI of choice, i literally mean understanding linux in terms of what i am able to do with it.
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    @s0LA Well yeah but if the GUI is easy to use and you just use it for web browsing, email and some pictures...
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