Mystery solved!
thanks, JS!

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    Fuck yes, let's bind evidence solving an existential crisis to emoji identifiers
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    I don't get this. Chickens are descendants of those birds that survived the "dino meteorite", specifically the ground and water based birds. Ergo, the chicken came first.
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    To be honest, eggs were laid long before there even was feathers, which means the egg came first. Don't forget that the dinos didn't die, the survivers evolved in the cold weather, into what is birds today.

    Think about the raptors from Jurassic Park the next time you see a pidgeon oogling you in the parking lot. They are laying in wait, getting ready to strike, to once again become the overlords of violence!!!!
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    it's a joke lads...
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    God, if you repost this only a few times more, even the egg won't be recognizable anymore.
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    Wondered why you were sorting an array with an egg and ice cream for a minute.
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    Oh, someone remembered to post this one this week, nice.
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    @theuser actually... surprise surprise... there is something called evolution!
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    @theuser but as the birds evolved from dinos into chickens. I guess the question is: are eggs named by what laid them or what's in the egg? If its what's in the egg, then the first chicken was in a chicken egg before it hatched.
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