Our publish workflow had to much manuell steps in it. Wrote a tool to publish a new version with one button click.
My Colleges thank me with tears in there eyes 😄

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    Automatisation wins again ♥️
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    I did that before.

    Only that most guys at the time refused (or at the very least were very reluctant) to adopt it, even though our manager (he was a dev, too) explicitly asked everyone to do just that.

    Then a new lead dev was hired and he wanted to set up a build server. We kinda didn't get along and I left the company, that was years ago.

    Recently, I visited the sole dev still working there, and what are they using for publishing these days? Still my old tool, as it turns out.

    Mustn't have been so bad as some people thought at the time. 😃
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    @mksana nerver change a running system 😁
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    I don't understand programmers that don't automate things, I automate things even if its just two steps xD I love automation
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    @Hazarth i think if you don't even think of automation, you're not a real programmer 😬
    I mean isn't it one of the most fields for a programmer, where you automated something for a customer?
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