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    Most people think I'm an masochist when I say that.... XD
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    Well, you can often get amazing results once a query pops up requiring optimization. That’s satisfying:)
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    @lamka02sk And what do you think about ORMs?
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    Hm. Wasn't asked, but there 3 types of ORM users:

    1) no deeper knowledge of SQL
    2) deeper knowledge of SQL, missing knowledge of OOP
    3) deeper knowledge of SQL, deeper knowledge of OOP (very rare, near to a myth)
    4) people think they can solve every problem perfectly - without realizing they have an IQ of a fruit loop (as such they claim to be a 3 but are below 1/2)

    4 is most common.

    ORMs are hard. Really hard.
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    @nitnip They are good when they are done right, otherwise they are good if you don't care about performance
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    @IntrusionCM I didn't say we are not masochists :P
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    Globally finetuning a sowftware, find bottlenecks and fix them is cute.
    Unless it require a datastructure refactoring than u are dead
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    @devapsarl Yes, but depends on how big and f*cked up the app is. Sometimes, it is not that hard...
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    @lamka02sk i agree on that. And so exctiting the "investigation process", but if the client is not ready to pay the amount of hours required to "code the fix" than i will just make a report with the "actual system limitations and bottlenecks detection report, and suggestions to improve" with a nice price for every "option" that he may choose to make to system smoooooooth again...
    Price is a multiple of numbers of "o" on smoooooooth hahahaha
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