FML, I am the most senior member of my department, everyone have a questions for me, everyone need input from me, everyone cannot exist for an hour without my input. Including my manager who picks my brain on the things that he tries to research. Send help..

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    Ok. Time for a 4 month remote working tour trip to south east asia. Rent your home on Airbnb and fly off to an adventure. Time zone difference and moderate tropical climate will give you the calm you need to scale back on that seniority problem. While still maintaining control.

    digital nomad documentary.

    Coliving in Ubud Bali
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    @heyheni that's sounds nice, even without being stressed
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    Well, you know what they say about being the smartest person in the room ;-)

    Happy hunting :-p
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    You should be the manager instead.
    Happened to me
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    @kurast I should have, and I've even been offered to do it, but I felt that I didn't have enough exp managing people. Chicken and the egg sort of issue.
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    @610r then maybe you could visit a business evening school or something? Life long education is important nowadays.
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    @heyheni Will look into that. Thanks for the recommendation!
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    and i can recommend you the book "the making of a manager - what to do when everyone looks at you" It'll will give you the basics of leadership and on how to make people work together.

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    As for a raise if thats the case.
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