Designer: Can you hide scrollbar and still make web scrollable?
I: Sure.
Designer: Ok fine, i'll do that in next design.
I: Wait, how users will know the web has more content?
Designer: I'll put the mouse icon on the bottom.
I: It is not good idea. People can overlook it.
Designer: It will be fine.
I: I strongly recommend to you not to do it.
Designer: Why?
I: Confusion besides other reasons.
Designer: If you can do it, do it.
I: Ok than.

$request->getIP() == 'his_ip' ? 'hide-scrollbar';

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    The "designer" should not have the last word because it's obvious that he doesn't know shit about UI. I bet this retard is confusing "design" with shoving pixels around in Photoshop and still hasn't understood that the web isn't print.
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    Hire a UX designer.
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    Well, tablets have no scrollbars, most apps don't. They might show up when you scroll but most people assume that things scroll horizontally, maybe not vertically...
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