>2 exams left till i never have to look at my college again
>Actually studying
>Boss wants me to fuck around with docker
>My vape just broke
>Gotta get an oil change in my car
>Pretty sure im gonna be sick

Fuck this week

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    Sorry to hear that you're a vaper.
    Get well back on track though.
    And best of luck for the exams!
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    @scor why are you sorry to hear that im not inhaling burning paper
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    Most of that sounds pretty fun if you change your own oil.
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    The negative stigma surrounding vapors is big tobacco's idea.
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    @sodaTab Or you could just avoid inhaling anything that isn't air. You know, how the lungs were intended to be used.
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    @PrivateGER Vegetable Glycerine is harmless and is the standard in most vape juice.
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    @PrivateGER yes because you inhale clean air in cities

    @sodaTab pg is actually a disinfectant, but yes, inhaling vaporized flavorings is worse than inhaling air
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