Do you guys swear 😏, I do a lot about tech but I don't see anyone on here doing that

Nothing like shit I just shocked myself

Or mother fucking ie die in a hole

You know the usual

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    I try not to.

    But sometimes, some people can make me do it
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    Sometimes I can be found muttering wtf at my desk. Depends on what I'm doing, usually they come out when I'm using Xcode.
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    I know a good number of people with whom you can determine how well their code works by the number of profanities they use.
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    @Romulus10 I code pretty solid , it's more when my mates try to hack me or some fucking dickhead opens a weird email that has a zip they try to open ... Etc more about people being stupid with tech or my apprentice 😐 , all he needed was to download ... The template files .... What does he do 😑, download the whole fucking website , gigabytes of data ... We needed like 2megabytes of files
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    Yeah that can also make you use some special words.
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