I took like 3 years to my company to get this huge-ass client to ask us to remake their website (the client is already our client for other purposes).

The old website was hosted on their local machine, behind a proxy that was there for other 30 website servers.

The old website took like 30-40 seconds to load on a browser and had a google score of 3-6/100.

We made the new website in wordpress, since it was basically a blog and managed all of the older links to redirect to the new pages so that SEO wouldn't get affected.

We then asked the previous developers to let their domain redirect to the new one (it was like example.com => ex.example.com and now it's just example.com, so we needed them to make ex.example.com redirect to example.com).

What they did was making a redirection to the 404 page of the new website, making everything go to fuck itself.

Damn this might be the first time I despise other developers, but this move was fucking awful.

I mean, I get it, we stole your big client, but it's not our fault if we made the google score go up to 90/100 in a week just by changing server and CMS.

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    Why do the devs own the domain?
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    "just by changing server and CMS"
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    @sboesch Well if they used a standard server in first place that wouldn't be needed.

    And they were using like SiteFinity 7 or something like that
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    @alexbrooklyn they don't own it, they just strictly manage it
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    That's really petty
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    Are you certain it was done on purpose? A website that I had to work with was set up in multi-site configuration to provide multi-language content and the default language was English to which the end users got to through a pretty_url rewrite, inputting the same address would result in 404 because the rewrite rules initially didn't account for this situation.

    Are you positive there are no misconfigurations on either side?
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    Steals client and expects positivity.
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- i guess you're one of the developers in the rant?
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    @flyingavokado he's just angry. ;)
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    @theKarlisK yeah, I'm so positive about this that now that we notified the issue, they removed that specific rule
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    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- they could have kept the client for many years, but they decided to do nothing to improve performance.

    It was just a matter of time before the client would have gone somewhere else to ask for the website.
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    @ZioCain you never know. I had multiple clients not willing to spend a dime in further development, being stingy and ungrateful all the time, and then after ten years, received a call out of the blue by a competitor, asking for server credentials etc.

    Of course that's fine and how business works, but their demands don't have a high priority then. We already know there's nothing to gain.

    I mean you talk about making a wordpress website within a week... Personally, we don't even want such small projects.
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    @sboesch I know this might look like a very small project, but it the biggest of our client, it makes us survive and their website costed like 15k€ to them, while our average is 4-6k€, so very good deal, y'know?
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