Should I learn C# or Java?
There are many topics over the internet but a direct opinion from you guys would be appreciated.
I would also know, what does C# have in common with asp.NET and web application development? It isn't clear to me

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    Depends on what you want to make.. There is no best language all languages have their pros and cons
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    @Ginkeltjes I already make web-apps in Python. My purpose on learning C# or Java is still build web-apps
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    C# is good with xamarian. I will suggest to go with go
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    The problem is you'll meet all kinds of devs that will swear by their language and the way they do it.

    Personally wouldn't touch windows servers ... Think they are horrible.

    I'd never build web content in c# or Java you dont get the same connective feeling to the code since one if it breaks ... Urgh ... Two not fun

    Php and Linux start there
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    @FitzSuperUser c# with xamarian for native app development. No need to learn java and swift sperately. And for frontend no idea but for backend I will always like to go with go because of its features. Infact limetext is written in it so pretty much endless possibilities.
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    @rookiemaverick oh you mean app apps , got it.

    Xamarian all the way man , that or phone gap , I go on this basis

    Phone gap - light one function app
    Xamarian - mid level app like this app
    For games and heavy apps I just pick a game engine maybe ue4 or unity depends on clients needs

    Phone gap has nearly no setup time . But gets harder when apps get larger

    Xamarian as you know great for bigger apps good testing gives you bigger access you don't get with phone gap
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    What C# has in common with web development and asp.net? Well, C# is just one of the many programming languages you can use to program the .net framework, be it the full .net framework or .net core. Asp.net is microsofts web application technology supported by the .net framework. So with asp.net you can create web applications built on the .net framework. An advantage of doing it in .net and C# is that you'll learn many parts of the .net framework as you go and .net framework is very extensive and allows you to build many different kinds of sofware: web services, windows services, web apps, windows apps, native apps and much more. .net provides many components and features all out-of-the-box. C# is a very pleasent and powerful language to work with and makes it very easy to switch to or learn other languages such as Java, C++ and Javascript as its syntax is pretty much the same.
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    Why are you moving from python?

    Remember c# is really Microsoft/windows only, so Java is better in that respect.

    (Yes I know you can sort of run it on Linux etc as an afterthought)
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    I suggest C#. You can develop apps for all 3 platforms and you can also use C# to code back end of your ASP.NET website. The documentation is amazing and the tools provided by Microsoft are all free and awesome.

    Forgot to mention, Unity and Xamarin use C#
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    @spl0 not anymore windows only! Check out .net core.
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    @HoloDreamer for native app development c# is good but for backend plzzzzzzz.
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    Use java to be the most hate(wanted) man in industry.
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    @FitzSuperUser I'm already into web all development, I'm just undecided whether to choose C# or java
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    @altermind Use node cus its smilar to java.
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    @anonimus but... What did you mean in your previous comment? Java devs are the most hated in the industry? Why?
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    @spl0 you know you can run asp web apps on Linux using xsp
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    @vikaskr is that good? I don't know about web stuff.
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    So: for web-dev I will continue with python
    I will learn java to develop android apps (that's also something I'd like to do)
    When I'll master both of these languages, maybe I will learn C#
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