Node.js, why!? I understand that websites are built on JavaScript so we've been fucked into having to use it without a choice. But why the hell would anyone choose to use JavaScript for backend development? I just finished an interview assessment that required me to use Node.js and it sucked. Granted, I'm not a JavaScript developer, but there was nothing that made me want to go back for more.

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    because its awesome, you are basically writing a backend with power of c++(V8), without the bulky syntax

    but thats just my opinion
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    Because it's web dev. Specifically, the idea is to get your average dumb, but cheaply paid frontend wanker to also piss on backend.
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    I disagree with your second sentence. Bad websites are built on JS, "OK" ones have some JS, and the best don't have any.
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    Because front-end devs can't be fucked learning a backend language to solve their problems.

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    Usually because orgs want to try and squeeze every ounce of value out of the cheapest resources they have. There's always some non-engineer middle manager who thinks he's found the secret cost cutting sauce that will bump him up one more pay grade.

    There are valid use cases though:
    - Glue code
    - GraphQL
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    I too thought it was a waste of time 4 years ago. Now my career is defined by it. I get why it seems weird but coming from PHP with frameworks like symfony and Laravel. NestJS was the best thing I've ever worked with!!
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    @dakkarant things that would be great if they were true
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    I don't really understand what power refers to here.
    If it's speed and/or memory usage, C++ quite easily stomps NodeJS into the ground. Less Cpu usage overall for same task. Sure, way more code to type to get the result.

    Everytime someone claims that "this or that language is as fast as C++", I usually check several benchmarks.
    It never holds true. Never did.

    Disclaimer: I personally don't even like C++...
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    Unfortunately companies want to pay less people for less pay, a single language for the whole project.
    The people who make these technologies know this and make these techbogies for these companies because it brings glory, which often breeds money , through success.
    All while claiming its for the developers.
    I personally avoid server side JS as its still not fully adapted for Backend-purposes in a secure manner.
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    @C0D4 although I also do PHP, I don't have time to learn another language currently and I already know JavaScript. Next to that, its fast and works well IMO...
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    @bashleigh Agreed, php is even worse. In my opinion backend code should be different, though. First of all, no language that does any implicit cast other than upcast should be used in backend. Second, publicly accessible server-side code deserves enough given fucks to have at least its object structures predefined. (Implicit interface implementation is kinda okay)
    Untyped languages that mistake dictionaries for structs are fine for prototyping, but I wouldn't put my real name/email into it.
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