Windows 10 is safe they said. Signature/https can be trusted they said.

When even NSA disclose "hacks" you know it's too big


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    Ohhhh boy
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Fuck. I mean just WOW. When NSA discloses this you know something is fucked up. Why ? Cause NSA could use this but even they fucking realized it could leave lot of PCs vulnerable and thats not what they exactly want.
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    @Haxk20 Well, they didn’t say WHEN they found it :) Maybe they used it for couple of months/years.
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    foliohat on;
    @NoToJavaScript or maybe they even asked to have it and now they have another method so they no longer need it.
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    I dont think it is that easy to exploit that. Ok you can inject it but you still have to perform MIM to a specyfic PC. You need to be targeted to be vunlureable. Spoofing all win 10 in the world and setting up a huge server that will do that is impractical.

    I dont say that the update isnt needed, it is, just large scale attack seems pointless. That is just a oppurtunity for PCs that have already been targeted.
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