It's insane that to get a phone with decent specs without getting one that's even bigger than what I have(a 5.5" asus that feels like a behemoth) I had to get a phone that was released almost two years ago. I figure sony will release a new compact some time soon, but the price was right on the XZ2, and it feels wonderful to use a phone with one hand again.

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    That's so true. I was always wondering why there's a tendency to make phones bigger and bigger

    As for me the perfect phone is iPhone 5 or SE. It has nice design and SE has pretty decent specs

    But for some reason almost every flagman phone so damn big
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    Because no one cares about usability anymore. Phones are fucking glass sandwich phablets nowadays which shatter upon the smallest drop and lack basic features, but hey, it looks great on a shelf / in an ad.
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    And then you have to put a case on it because they put a massive camera bump on it, completely hiding the, "beauty of design."
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    These days, smartphones are new tablets and smartwatches are new smartphones.
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