I'm starting day three trying to solve a Dependency Hell issue which is preventing a bug fix being deployed.

Please help.

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    is it npm?
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    Simplify simplify simplify. I've fixed literally 100 or more projects with dependency issues - *always* reduce your constraints to only the minimum necessary, and keep the number of things changing at each step as much as possible. If more than like 3-5 things change at once and it doesn't work, figuring out why can be incredibly difficult if it's not something obvious.

    And when that still doesn't work, start reading git commits and manually find versions that work together. Since apparently they failed to follow semver, it's up to you to fix it by hand. Remember the pain, and follow semver so you don't inflict it on others.
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    NuGet, so far I've converted every project to the new VS2017 format and am now manually removing any redundant package includes so every package in the include chain references the same version.
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    Use Yarn !
    I never succeeded with npm,
    Delete "node_modules"
    Install yarn
    And "yarn install"
    And voila. Ur free
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    Except its A C#.NET project with about 20 components.
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