>building the same app once again because of a bug
>look in the unity editor settings for android
>find "proguard"
>google it, find it might be useful to minify, obfuscate code and other stuff
>try to minify the shit of the app
>original app was 25.1MB
>minified app is 24.6MB
>minified app using "Gradle (Experimental)" is 24.5MB

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    Have you tried Gradle's bundle release? Instead of an APK, it creates an AAB, which the Play Store then minifies further.
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    Have you tried putting it in a dumpster, and setting fire to it?

    look at the the apk file, with 7zip, and see why it takes 25mb. it is not the code. the code is zipped. it is always the resources. And they are - not conpressed....
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    @HelsinkiCodes not yet, actually, I didn't even know about that!
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