Rustacean is a stupid name for rust developers, i propose we call them rustards.

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    wow, I didn't know that. Rustacean sounds weird.

    How about Rustees?
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    @orhun no, rustard it is
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    @yellow-dog ok it's not that important anyway
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    What about Rustafarian?
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    I propose we do this for all languages!

    PHP - PHPnese
    Ruby - Rubian
    Python - Pythonian
    Go - Goer
    Javascript - Masochists
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    Rusty programmers
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    Under the seaaa! ♫
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    It's obviously meant to be like Cetacean. I just call them rustfags.
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    @don-rager Rustard. Instead of Custard.
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    @snoopy politically correct comedy is the death of comedy, so shut up retard
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    @snoopy Why don't you shut up and let the tards speak for themselves.

    I think it's disgusting the way people treat bastards today like the offspring from a cuckold union can't stand up for themselves just because "daddy" couldn't.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.
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    @snoopy You're not under attack but you do have a lack of both a funny bone and understanding.

    In fact, it is you who is attacking people.

    This might come as a shock to you but attack people and they'll attack back.
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    @snoopy what you gonna do look angrily and downvote comments? Stop white knighting and grow a pair.
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    @snoopy I know another tree that needs barking up if you're interested.
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    Aww dammit, I missed something.
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