for some reason many of the girls at my school are obsessed with peppa pig and I just don't get it

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    If their age is below 10 that's fine.
    But that wouldn't make sense aye.
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    @Ranchu I'm in 8th grade
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    @EthanSnowy well age in grade 8 depends on the country but I guess it's way above aforementioned age.

    What. The. Fuck
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    Every time I see that show, I feel like I lose braincells.
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    @Root That might explain the situation OP is describing here. They lost so much brain power already, that they started to like the "show".
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    @Jilano @Root @Ranchu one of the girls bought like an entire collection or peppa pig toys. In science we are building bottle rockets and they put a peppa pig head on it. I'm hoping the added mass brings it down. ;)
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    First of all, cool Project, second, what the actual fuck, third, I hope so too
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