Is there no way to stop my colleagues from looking at my screen? I'm dying here!

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    Get some privacy screen film and slap it on your monitor. You can pick em up on Amazon for $40.
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    Turn on some filthy fetish porn when you notice their nosey gazes.
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    I hate people who do this. When I feel someone looking at me or my screen, I look back at them with disgust. I have a colleague who sits beside me and would pull his chair back a little bit as if to get a better view. I know it's probably just blank stares but come on, look at your own black market transactions. Fuckers.
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    Tell them to fuck off in a very delicate way and also very politely
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    Ignore them as they they fucking don't exist. Or start writing code, you might be watching too much news during work ;)
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    Worst part :
    “Something in production goes wrong”

    Me : Ok, let’s see logs to understand what’s going on here
    CEO, Customer success, sales, 5 people behind my back : “Ok so are you fixing it ?” “What’s the problem?”
    Now My answer is very direct: “Let me work if you want it fixed and go away”
    If they don’t, I just stop touching my keyboard.
    They : “What are you doing ?”
    Me : “Waiting for you to go away so I can analyse these logs without being interrupted every 10 seconds with a question” **puts headphones on
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    Work with your phone only
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