According to Steam Stats, Ethiopia has downloaded 1.5 terabytes of games in the past 7 days. Madagascar has downloaded 5.2

China is in the lead with 79 PB, followed closely by America with 60.

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    okay 👍
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    Would there be a considerable amount of vpn users among those?
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    @RedPolygon Who would download games over VPN? Seems slow and (if limited by bandwidth) expensive.
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    @AlgoRythm Are game downloads never region blocked? Don't use steam often
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    @RedPolygon I don't know. I assume they are but not as bad as Netflix. I've NEVER seen a game I wanted and gotten region blocked. I frequently get region blocked by Netflix
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    @AlgoRythm @RedPolygon Some are, or have different versions for different regions so you don't notice when buying via e.g. Steam.

    Games often have very different versions for e.g.
    China, not just for language and translations but for allowed/tailored content. The chinese government is very picky (and capricious!) on what it allows. Europe vs the US is often slightly different too, though generally just language and some textures. Content changes between these aren't common.
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    There are many games restricted in Germany, either censored or completely blocked so you can't even find them in the store. You don't need a VPN to download them tho. You have to use a VPN to update your store region, but once you've done that you can just download it without a VPN.
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    @Root Right, that's what I would expect. But definitely not anything like Netflix where Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and 3 are in America and 2, and 5 are in Europe and 4 is in fucking Russia.
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    @AlgoRythm And some wonder why people still go sailing
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    @AlgoRythm @RedPolygon I download steam games over VPN. But then, I'm always connected to a VPN 😄
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    @Creep wow danm I've bever noticed that. But then I don't play that many games, and probably none that would be censored
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    @Conrad I didn't notice for quite some time either. I was searching for dying light, couldn't find it on steam. Thought it just wasn't on steam. Well yeah, turns out it is on steam, just not visible/buyable for us poor Germans.

    - > activate austrian VPN
    - > update store region
    - > deactivate VPN
    - > buy the game

    Dying light wasn't fun after all.

    But hey, I can buy the uncensored version of games like left4dead now.
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