Being at college and unemployed

Things are going great, learned much and thinking I'm ready to work.

First job
WebDev, minimum wage, still at college but not learning so much because of time.
Quit because I didn't receive two paychecks out of three months I worked there.

Second job
working with banks, java but only old editions 6 and down, mostly maintaining lots of old code. Three months contract is expiring, I have student debt and really don't want to work here but it seems to me I don't have a different option

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    Hang in there. It's rough starting out. I'm on job 2 as well.
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    got fired so I guess it all worked out
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    @GameAFK a sign, maybe. What's next for you?
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    well for now, college finals but after that I hope to get a job in some engineering position. Just not support...
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    @GameAFK I know you probably hear this a lot but.. build a portfolio. More than showing you know your stuff, it shows actual interest in coding. Good luck!
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