My day today:
- tell everyone to fuck off and are idiots politely from 10 to 4
- tell them if they won’t fuck off now I will start looking for a job - 1 hour
- listening them apologizing me - 1 hour
- code and solve problems - 1 hour


Hopefully I start working on Tuesday.

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    Wow you are so amazing and above everyone else! Yeah you tell those lowly plebs!
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    @frankot their problems are not my problems,

    if 3 or more people want something from me out of nowhere it’s always not my fucking business.
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    @vane can I get an appointment for next week? ;)
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    You my friend are a Saint! Instead of just apoligising, they should bow down.
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    @cmarshall10450 if you have more than 10 years of experience in IT business you tend to recognize when someone want to fuck you up for money, there are not only good people out there.

    With bad either you tell them to fuck off or you will be their puppy.
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    @vane I have to agree with this, I learned it the hard way and regret being used and abused for so long in IT.
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