Use linux they said. It is stable they said.

I use a linux VM for managing DNS with BIND and configuration via WebMIN.

A minor webmin update : Sure, let’s click.

“Update failed. WebMIN requires UnZIP” Poof whole interface is down. Here we go for 30+ minutes of manual rolling back, installing unzip, retrying update. That shit only happens on linux.

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    Wow. Usually I'm a nice person...

    But - are u retarded?

    You did an upgrade without prior testing ... And did either not use a software management or misconfigured, but it's Linux fault?

    ... Sure.

    *Shakes head*
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    Steep learning curve but once you know the drill you never want to go back
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    @IntrusionCM Well, people are complaining when third party windows software misbehave (And blame windows).

    And when SAME EXACT thing happens on Linux, it’s user’s fault ?


    And no, I didn’t try to update manually, I used webmin function for that(Whatever it does behind the scenes is not my coincern).

    All I know is that the rule “Don’t update it if it’s working” is alive and well in Linux word.

    The ONLY reason I use this VM for DNS is that webmin interface is way better than Windows Server DNS settings interface.
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    @NoToJavaScript c'mon dude you can't be that stupid, can you?
    Obviously it's your fault if linux breaks but windows fault if it breaks because muh linux, duhhh!

    Jeez man get it together!! /s
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    @Stuxnet Yeah, I agree. Linux only fails when user does something stupid, like you know, update a package.
    Windows fails by it self, even if user forced shutdown DURING update process
    Got it now !
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    All OSes fail for stupid reasons. I dual boot Windows and Linux and have had big issues with both of them. Windows automatic update broke my whole install. Wouldn't boot any more. Repair didn't work, so I had to reinstall Windows. Then I had to unfuck the bootloader since Microsoft loves to break grub with every Windows update.

    A few months later, Ubuntu refuses to boot. Don't know why. Chroot from LiveUSB works fine. No updates installed immediately prior to the issue. Chrooted and reinstalled base packages and rebuilt boot image. Still hangs during boot. Systemd logs are inconclusive. Reinstalled since it seemed like a good opportunity to switch distros.
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    @EmberQuill that's the point lol

    But the nix Nazis lose their shit whenever you blame their perfect os for breaking and swear on their retarded leader Stallman that it's your fault it's broken.

    The toxicity from them is borderline unbearable and I hope I never become like them.
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    All respect but if a package or PHP module or something like that is missing which Webmin DEPENDS on, I'd say it's webmins fault for not checking that...

    What you're describing would be like letting a node project feature depend on a module, putting it in production but not installing that module..
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    For the record, I've had this similarly with deploying a project to a new server, switching DNS and only then finding out that I didn't install the PHP MongoDB extension so the application broke.

    But why on earth would I blame this on the operating system (and yes, this would be my exact reaction when this would happen on windows. Source: me when this (but with another module) happened on windows (quite a while ago) when I am the one who didn't install that extension/module?!
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    @Stuxnet And I agree with you on the *niz Nazi's thing
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    @linuxxx the same reaction you'd have? Lmao jk jk
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    Why refer to Linux as a single os?
    There are many different flavors. Some work better than others, depending on your hardware and what your doing with it.
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    @linuxxx Like if it's an inside joke (like the level of fanboying I do over windows), that's one thing. But some of the shit I've seen on here and Reddit blow my mind at how seriously people take their love for a piece of software.
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    @sodaTab because it's easier? There's no need to go full reee and make everyone specify every single component of their set-up. That's fuckin stupid.
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    @Stuxnet if you say so bud.
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    @sodaTab Ya ask someone what phone they have and it's usually "iPhone" or "Android." And most of the time nobody makes you specify which phone and what version OS you have. Why? Bc it's easier and everyone knows what you mean.

    It's no different in this situation.
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    @Stuxnet except that Webmin is supported on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. As it is perl based.
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    @PublicByte Linux users do it allllll the time whenever they have to use Windows. Just take a look around this community
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    @PublicByte you might not, but the vast majority of nix fanboys do it daily. And I'd bet my wallet their issues are something they fucked up but their precious little ego won't let them admit it
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    @Stuxnet Trolololol

    But in all seriousness, I'd definitely blame this on Webmin. It should just check if all required software is installed upon installation, like many, many web applications do. (I'm now having this with the PHP sqlite extension as we speak)
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    @Stuxnet Also, I've had my fair share of both windows and Mac fanboys. Yeah, its rather annoying.
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    @NoToJavascript My question would be: how was Webmin installed in the first place? And if it has a dependency on unzip, why was that not installed with it?

    While I agree with the general sentiment of this discussion, and would say that this shouldn't have happened, I have to also ask if you read the relevant docs to check whether installing/upgrading Webmin depends on any external software, the dependency on unzip might have been mentioned in there.

    As to Linux getting broken by users and/or breaking itself, I've seen many variations of either in the last 20 years or so. Some distros are more reliable than others to take care of themselves. However, if the user/admin logs on as root, and changes anything, they better know what they're doing, or else all bets are off.
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    @NoToJavaScript i fucking hate it too when people blame windows when it's a crappy apps fault or the general my computer crashed/does nothing while they only kicked lose a network cable (so the computer works fine)

    The whole start menu fuck-up from last week is off course a brilliant example of a Windows is crap. (To be fair Linux can blame it far more often on apps screwup as almost everything is userland and not considered part of Linux itself.
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