I call this one : "I have no time to find a better solution"

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    i guess you can say his code is in dis-array
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    Wow, I just felt the same kind of disappointment when I saw this as when a girl you like rejects you. 😟
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    What about

    for (var i = 1; i <= 100; i++)
    req.body["a" + i]

    And then add those to an array or something?
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    You should've called it "No one will ever like you again and you'll die alone"
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    Man, every once in a while I stumbled upon Shit like this.
    I don't get it, one of the first things you learn in every programmer book or course is how to use loops.

    Ah no, fuck it.
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    Do you really need to iterate it?
    var newValue = Object.assign({}, req.body);
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    @oroys a collection would work as well.
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    Yeah, an array would be a beauty right about now. Unless there's a solid reason why an array won't really work.
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