Boss: we picked up a new client!
Me: nice!
Boss: They want the unfinished software we were working on that we planned to be done 2 months from now.
Me: even better!
Boss: They want it in 3 weeks.
Me: no.

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    So they want it unfinished? Perfect
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    That pause for effect was perfect.
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    @tytho Yeah basically, they want a super terrible rush job. They want to do a limited launch by Oct 25th and a full launch on Nov 1st.
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    @Snowdrama I feel for ya... I had a project like that once. If anecdotal experience from a complete stranger means anything to your boss, take this one to him:

    I was on put on a project that the previous developer said was going to take two days of work. Was in a perpetual state of release for over a year because of all the dependent teams. It getting their parts done, the sales team putting in arbitrary requirements that warranted entire refactors (one rewrite), and after a year still doesn't have all the features that was originally asked for. After several months of 100 hour works weeks, an ulcer, and a heart attack, I left. Now they have 7 more developers working on still trying to get those original features out. After some sever retrospection with the team, we determined that if we weren't pushed and the scope stayed the same, we would have finished on time, and we would have been able to accommodate future requests better.

    Hope that helps, and cheers
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