Developers insist that I give them a sketch file instead of a zeplin doc I'm like ok fine. Then I am told in like three weeks of development that they don't understand the sketch file when they insisted on it. So I'm like ok fine let me put it on zeplin. Then I'm told to compare their work with my designs. And ofcourse it doesn't match. So i sit and literally go through each margin , each padding with them. Then I'm told that they r over riding exsisting styles and say that's alot of development so I say ok I need to ask the product owner if it's gonna take more time. They get mad at me and say why I need to ask this? Like u told me it's gonna take you longer and I need to tell my boss? Then my boss says confirm all the styles with marketing ( everyone btw has seen my designs, reviewed them, and I have confirmed literally every change) and now I've been told to change a button to red ( why r your cta's and errors the same color I have no idea ??!) And then I tell the developers and they make a huge deal about changing the button from blue to red. NO ONE HERE HAS A STRUCTURE TO PRESENT HAND OFF TO THE DELVEOPERS. ITS SO ANNOYING.

Also can I just say in my presentation time and I had spent time on my designs and someone says oh let me show everyone through my screen.

I literally got a word out before all the delveopers in the room start arguing and skipping my design slides like R FO REAL? LET ME GO THROUGH THE JOURNEY ITS MY JOB.

sorry. I am typing this sitting on a sofa eating cake when I'm supposed to be on a diet but I'm wallowing and crying

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    I like cake too...
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    @ScribeOfGoD r u crying and wallowing in self pity too?
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    @sadgrad19 sometimes, but then the tears run dry and I get better, then i++
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    @ScribeOfGoD ....MEANWHILE
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    @sadgrad19 holy shit, that's my spirit animal, pancakes and all! :-p

    Anyway, sorry about your hard times, hang in there or find some place that appreciates your effort. Solid designers with an actual idea what things should look like, that communicate with their devs and don't change opinions like underwear seem to be rare, you'll do fine ;-)
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    @ArcaneEye I think I'm aging backwards into the stone age . It was easier when we had rock walls.. the designs were set in stone ( HA! Ok sorry my pun is terrible - see this is what I mean by aging )

    Anyways thank you it's been a stressful time and I've eaten an entire cake this week.
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