hdparm -y /dev/sdb # to the rescue for the silence

turns out I could simply reorganize my mounts and spin down my hdd. Now at last can I enjoy the silence...

If I try to listen carefully I can only hear street noises from across the river and a few 9-stores buildings [something ~600 meters] through a closed plastic window and absolutely nothing from my PC.

Now.. Next mission: how to silence those street noises...

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    Since I want all my shit to be available, I no longer use HDDs because I also value the silence an SSD provides (though the random access speed increase is also nice)
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    @kescherRant except recovering data from a dead ssd is a long shot in a dark... One of the reasons I still keep my hdd
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    @netikras While that's true, you should keep backups in multiple locations. Don't rely on recovery on any dead media.
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    @kescherRant I take my measures :) HDD recovery is the worst case scenario. And I prefer this scenario to be possible. Hence the HDD
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    @netikras I just like to trash dead HDDs so no data is recoverable after having restored my backups. I did that already. Its airtime after the detonation was about 8 seconds.
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