I'm now not only a full stack developer in the charge of my own Linux servers, Devops work, programming,and the MySQL DBA, but have been asked to take on the "small" responsibilities of our only Linux administrator (retiring). No mention of title change (which is lesser than all my work), nor salary increase. A person can only do so much. Don't think I'm accepting this lightly or quietly, but to be assumed to take on more responsibility without benefit is beyond me. Mind you, this came down from my director; my boss made me privy.

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    Why don't you take on the CEO's responsibilities as well and give yourself some extra cash? 😛
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    @alexbrooklyn Definitely would be a smart move.
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    Tell them that you will accept the responsibility. Sit down and draft out what some success metrics are, and agree to meet in 3 months to discuss them. Make it clear that if you have performed adequately, that you expect a raise to reflect the additional duties, and then get it in writing (or email your notes of the meeting and ask them to confirm that they are accurate).

    3 months from now, either you get a raise, or you get a shit ton of stuff to put on your resume when you switch jobs.
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    @wannabe Very solid advice. Appreciated!
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    Tell them, btw, you got an offer for 1.5 times the salary you currently have. Tell them that you dont wanna leave but you can't refuse the offer unless they match it/increase your pay
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