is devrant open source i really would like to contribute to the backend.

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    You just sound like one of those people who wants to give the D to some app. I doubt your intentions are genuine.
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    @hatemyjob I doubt your capability to simply answer a question

    This is intended a joke
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    It is not, it is being developed by
    fox and trogus.
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    Can you imagine the sheer chaos and butt hurt that would come from it being open?

    It would be hilarious.
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    @stonestorm I want to do this now. Create a similar forum but either pluggable ( posts may contain any content using iframes ) or opensource, such that everything is edited by the community and only the auth part is supervised.
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    I'm down. Contrib could really blow up the feature capability. First on my list is markdown code support with highlighting.
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    @SortOfTested It wouldn't take a week for it to turn into a 10 MB mammoth of a website.
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    That's what PRs are for. You add a package, you get cut.
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