Oh man.. the front end on this project makes me want to cry

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    Tell us more
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    Uh yeah, crappy frontends. Let us see 🐻
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    I smell @Fast-Nop territory.

    What are the issues with the frontend? nested divs around everything? 5 MB of JavaScript? A lot of CSS for what could be done in a few lines?
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    @kescherRant Using jQuery for hover-effect and onclick-handler on a div that rewrites the document URL. ^^
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    Yes all of the things mentioned here
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    Ironically for me, it's the opposite. The backend for this project is horrendous.

    - No schema migration strategy
    - No error handling or debugging
    - Stored procedures used everywhere - if an error occurs in the stored proc, the backend just returns a 200 saying "failed to do" (sic). None of the errors from the stored proc and analysed and printed to the console....
    - The list goes on.
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    @whiskey0 mmm sounds like a fun refactoring project
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    @kescherRant I find it funny, that the w3c, that is responsible for the html spec mostly uses divs and lists on their website.
    Fucking hypocrites.
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